Villa Bobolino

Villa Bobolino comprises:

Up to 8 double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom (6 en suite)

Big family kitchen, fully equipped

Large dining area with access to outdoor patio

BBQ and traditional pizza oven

Large, panoramic, living area with TV and 3D Blu-ray

Free wi-fi everywhere

Air conditioning on request


Large private parking

Private driveway

Fantastic Swimming Pool

Baby Pool

Lush Garden with flowers and private promenade

Outdoor Relax area

Fruit Orchard

High-tech Solar energy System

Visit Villa Bobolino

We love the beauty of the Tuscany landscape, of hospitality, of art and culture. We love holiday homes where comfort, tech and nature are perfectly balanced, enhancing the authentic spirit of the land they are built on.

This is exactly what led us to design this modern, eco-friendly villa, in a lush green and sophisticated neighborhood which is thought to resemble the iconic Boboli Gardens of Florence.

We equipped Villa Bobolino with many comforts and amenities, to make it a place for well-being, to pamper the senses, entertain our guests and give life to memorable atmospheres. Here you can walk barefoot on the grass, find peace among the olive trees and in the orchard, take a dive in the swimming pool, relax in the sun and just enjoy your holidays in a comfortable and extremely functional environment. Villa Bobolino was made for families and friends. Its tech features are meant to enhance your relaxation and allow you to experience a thoroughly eco-friendly, luxurious lifestyle.

Villa Bobolino is the place where we sowed our dream – we thought of it both as a holiday home and a luxury resort, where guests become friends of a lifetime and where you come to celebrate, to rest. To be happy.